22 April – We have the right to always love each other

Are there any countries you miss? Those that have taken part in our favourite TV show in the past, but sit on the sidelines these days?

Luxembourg might spring to mind. With five wins, they were once a powerhouse of song. In 1993 they hung up their microphones for the last time after a song by a duo. Today’s birthday girl Sophie Garel was also part of a duo with her pal Chris Baldo. We saw them in London in a contest that was almost 25% French. A win was never going to be on the cards, and the battle at the top of the table in 1968 was another story. Sophie and Chris did score off five juries, but it was to be another four years until the Grand Duchy’s next win.

Sophie is 81 today.

Bonne annoversaire/Alles Guddes fir de Gebuertsdag, Sophie!