22 April – Withered flowers or faded hearts

You wait ages for songs from 1968, and then two come along at once. It was an interesting year. The first one in proper colour, the first Spanish win, and the first one with big pictures of the acts.

We saw three duos this year, and today’s birthday girl Sophie Garel (née Lucienne Gabrielle Garcia) was in one of those acts. Naturally, she wasn’t from Luxembourg, the country she co-represented. She was actually born in Oran, in what is now Algeria, but then part of France. With her partner in crime Chris Baldo (an actual Luxembourger no less), she scored a massive five points, giving them an eleventh spot. Did it deserve the Grand Duchy’s second-worst finish at the time? Or should the juries have been giving more to Luxembourg and less to Spain?

Sophie is 77 today.

Bonne anniversaire, Sophie!