22 November – There’s only a fog between you and me

Graddost. I don’t mind saying over and over that it’s been scientifically proven which is the best Eurovision Song Contest of them all. Today’s song comes from it, and is a tour de force for power, passion and a very expensive dress. And when the singer’s name translates as dove, what more could you possibly want?

Well, for starters, her name also translates as pigeon, but we won’t go there. It’s birthday girl Paloma Cecilia San Basilio Martínez. She was there in her big sparkly dress in 1985 – the best contest ever – and carried herself with a whole load of decorum. If only some of the acts from the 21st Century could do the same. She was never going to win, but she did earn herself a maximum from Turkey. Only eight other countries got maxima, so she should be very proud of herself.

Paloma is 57 today.

Feliz cumpleaños, Paloma!

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