23 August – Blue like the sky which play in your eyes

We have a contest winner for you today. Like many other performers, she took part more than once, and she won at her second attempt. Many would argue that her first attempt was equally worthy of a win. But a fourth place is all she managed. Still, it was a brave thing to do for a girl of her age to move from her native Greece to some little Grand Duchy a bit further north. This Grand Duchy had a habit of asking non-native performers to exercise their vocal chords. So much so, national finals were a very rare commodity.

By now, you’ll have figured it’s Vicky Leandros, currently Baroness von Ruffin and formerly Βασιλική Παπαθανασίου/Vassiliki Papathanasiou. This is her more famous, if not her best performing song..

Vicky is 68 today.

Bonne anniversaire, Vicky!