24 February – I feel uncomfortable, she’s only sixteen

It’s fair to say that our favourite TV show can launch careers. A certain foursome from Sweden perhaps. Or a false flagger singing for Switzerland. But it can also give that established artiste a further shot at fame.

But for the known singer, it can be a high-risk strategy. Do well, and it’s a nice addition to your CV. Do badly, and who know what sticky fate could befall you. Back in 1987, our friends in Luxembourg cast their net as far as neighbouring Belgium in looking for a singer. After all, the contest was coming from there so it would be a great move, right? Well, employing established performer Plastic Bertrand (né Roger François Jouret) seemed a good move on paper. All that let the idea down was the result. Well, he got points from the UK and Portugal. But nothing from Bertrand’s native land. How dare they.

Bertrand is 70 today.

Bonne anniversaire/Vill Gléck fir däi Gebuertsdag, Bertrand!

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