26 February – I wonder if one day…

We have a winner! Yeah, I know that’s a phrase you love to hear, especially if your own country’s name is appended to it. Which country do you think will get that honour this year? Luxembourg? Morocco? Liechtenstein? It’ll be fun to find out on 13 May. One thing is sure, they’ll join an elite club of 26 countries (to date). And this is a tenuous link to today’s singer, which sang a Eurovision winner. She was the first of five (to date) winners for her country, and most people only know her for singing barefoot.

Birthday girl Sandra Ann Goodrich, also known as Sandie Shaw, sang all the songs in the UK’s national final, so she always knew she was going to Vienna. The rest is history.

Sandie is 70 today

Happy birthday, Sandie!