27 November – Who can I turn to?

Blue Stilton

צְפַת/Tzfat. What’s the secret to a good song? Has it changed over the years? Well it obviously has. Back in the day, some countries didn’t need to try and would finish in a top three position. Perhaps it was the absence of a free language rule. Perhaps some countries just had their finger on the pulse.

It still happens today of course, with our Scandinavian friends riding high now. But previously it was Mr Phil’s United Kingdom of Stuff that knew what to do. Hoping to recreate this past glory, the BBC got in someone with past glories to try and revive fortunes. Pete Waterman wrote the song for today’s birthday boy Josh James Dubovie. Sadly, Pete’s attempt came about 25 years too late to be fashionable. Poor old Josh. But we still like him at Oneurope.

Josh is 27 today.

Happy birthday, Josh!

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