28 February – A lot of fruits in the valleys and the prairies


As you’ll know, there are plenty of performers in Eurovision Song Contests who weren’t born in Europe, or indeed the European Broadcasting Area. It matters not, as we embrace all. So whether they’re born in Canada, eh (Rykka, Céline Dion, Sherisse Laurence), the USA (Jeane Manson, Maggie Park) or Australia (Johnny Logan, Gina G) we love them all.

But they don’t all come from these established places. Today’s birthday boy Jean Gabilou, born Gabriel Lewis Laughlin, was born in French Polynesia. Yes, it’s France, but not quite. And does this little fact make him the Eurovision performer born the furthest away from Europe? If you know of anyone from further away, tell me below.

Jean is 73 today.

Bonne anniversaire, Jean!

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