3 August – Could act the angel, but it wouldn’t be true

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Yesterday we had a birthday of someone who beat the hot favourite. Today is the birthday of that hot favourite that got beaten. And beaten quite well as it turned out. It was also the only occasion that our friends in the United Kingdom of stuff had to perform in what amounted to a semi-final. I am, of course, talking about 1996.

It’s 21 years ago since Gina G went on stage in Oslo’s Spektrum with her über-contemporary song involving micro-dresses on her dancers and one made of coins on herself. Maybe it was ahead of its time. Maybe the Irish (and Norwegians and Swedes etc) had a better song. Or maybe the UK of S was diddled out of victory again. What do you think?

Gina is 47 today.

Happy birthday, Gina!