3 January – You’ve got the sheet and I have the rudder in my hand

Today is a treat, because we have a marvellous Estonian for your viewing pleasure. As you’ll know, a certain Baltic nation was the first ‘New Europe’ nation to win our favourite TV show. Possibly something to do with its singing tradition and fine looking populous.

But who is it? Well today’s singer has performed in two contest 19 years apart. In the second one, he wasn’t alone and had a highly fancied song which didn’t quite make it through the bloodbath that is a semi-final. So with that in mind, I’ve gone for Koit Toome‘s sublime other song that we saw in Birmingham. He also plays a mean piano. But to you, dear reader, have I picked his best song?

Koit is 38 today.

Palju õnne, Koitile!

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