31 January – Oximated

As you will know, all Eurovision songs have to be original. Every year we get claims of plagiarism, usually unfounded. But they are there. What can get repeated are song titles. How many songs have there been called ‘Shine’? Or ‘Coming home’? Or ‘Soldiers of love’? Two at least for each of these, but they’ve usually fallen in different contests.

The Vienna contest in 2015 proved fun with two songs called ‘Warrior’. They luckily fell in different semi-finals. But argument ensued which one was best. There’s only one way to solve an argument like that, naturally. Today’s birthday girl ნინა ‘სუბლატი’ სულაბერიძე/Nina Sublatti Sulaberidze was the Warrior that did the best. And arguably she would have won the fight too.

Nina is 22 today.

გილოცავ დაბადების დღეს, ნინა!