31 October – Move your hands, your body and your back

It’s always sad when a country decides to sit out Eurovision. For a year is understandable, but there are a few we’ve not seen for many years now. Are they still paying attention to our favourite TV show? Or do they have other fish to fry.

Today we look at the last entry – to date – from the Principality of Monaco. In the 21st Century days when they were still exercising their vocal chords, the broadcaster required a “photo à pied” when casting for a suitable singer. I’m guessing it’s a head-to-toe photo of the singer, but I can see no more than ‘Photo of a foot’. Which begs the question (if I’m right) of what happens if you send a photo of the wrong foot? Anyway, in 2006 Monaco sent today’s birthday girl Séverine Ferrer, a French singer who’d travelled around a bit. She got 14 points from four countries so needless to say got to watch the Grand Final, and no doubt point and laugh at a number of the acts in the Saturday night show. I, for one, await Monaco’s return, even if photos of feet don’t feature in the selection process.

Séverine is 44 today.

Bonne anniversaire/‘Ia pū te ‘ae’ae, Séverine!