4 January – There is the smell of the morning dew

We love (nearly) every Eurovision song there’s ever been at Oneurope. You name it, we will pick out the good points of every song. I will qualify that by saying some aren’t really songs, more like cries for help.

So it’s with pleasure that we present today’s little gem from 1980. Yes, they had contests that long ago. It’s from birthday boy Vesa-Matti Loiri, and has the dubious distinction of being only song ever beaten by one from Morocco. Maybe it’s because of his live flute-playing that they eventually went for backing tracks.

Vesa-Matti is 72 today.

Hyvää syntymäpäivää, Vesa-Matti!


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Johan van Slooten
Johan van Slooten
7 years ago

Seriously: when did they actually allow the use of backing tracks? I always thought it was 1983. And when did they introduce the rule that no live instruments were allowed on stage?

7 years ago

I think we’re talking late 70’s early 80’s for backing tracks and Live Instruments were allowed up to 03/04 ish when the rule was changed from “Playing into the microphone” to Not playing.