4 September – And the bluebirds are singing their sweet love songs in the sky

Today I’m taking you back to black. And white. No, it’s not Amy Winehouse. It’s something far superior. Probably. It’s an early duet from the days when only soloists and duos were allowed on stage. Was it better back then? You only needed a small stage. You didn’t need many cameras. You didn’t need long postcards to change a set. But you did need an orchestra. At least the orchestra did earn their keep.

Today’s birthday boy Teddy Johnson is the slightly taller one in the video you can see below. He performed with his wife Pearl Carr in sunny Cannes. And in true tradition, he had a prop. Or was it real? The juries of Europe must have liked it, because it kicked off the United Kingdom of stuff’s 20th Century habit of finishing as runners-up.

Teddy is 97 today.

Happy birthday, Teddy!

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