5 December – I love you, my love, I love you

Another Sunday, and a little bit nearer to the Winter_solstice. It’s also getting towards the party season, so you need a party tune to perhaps get you in the mood.

Have you bought your new outfit yet? Well despair not, you can always take a leaf out of the book of today’s birthday girl София ‘Софи’ Маринова (Каменова)/Sofiya ‘Sofi’ Marinova (Kamenova). She loved a good party too, and liked it that much she turned up at the semi-final after-show party in Baku, safe in the knowledge she wasn’t needed on the Saturday night. But why wasn’t she in the Grand Final? Well, she finished in 11th place on the same score as tenth-placed Norway, but scoring from one fewer country. Countback, eh? It can be a nightmare sometimes.

Sofi is 46 today.

Честит рожден ден, Софи!