5 October – The sky laughs like my heart

Eurovision tends to be a young person’s game. There have been people of a mature vintage from all over the continent, but generally you have to be under 25 to take part. Luckily there’s a separate contest for those under 16, but you still get teenagers taking part. The video below is of an 18-year old who also appeared when she was 29. She couldn’t get enough.

Today’s birthday girl is Paola del Medico Felix. Being from there, she was given a choice of languages, and chose German this time – 1969. She had another bash in French in 1980. Anyway, in the fun and games of the Madrid, she achieved the second highest score. However, four countries got a higher score. He she is in glorious technicolor.

Paola is 67 today.

Frohe Geburtstag/Bonne anniversaire/Buon compleanno, Paola!