6 February – I’m getting wild when I’m alone

What do you think of when someone mentions Latvia? Is it a crimson flag with a thin white stripe? It is the fabulous country lying to its north? Or is it the beaver? The Riga Beaver has been a bit of a talking point these past few years, possibly overshadowing the Latvian songs themselves. Luckily, Latvian TV don’t tend to send the beaver to the contest, meaning the singer can carve their own furrowe.

One furrowe-carver is today’s birthday boy Justs Sirmais. His moody little song was written by the unique Aminata Savidogo. Maybe that’s why he got to sing in a semi-final AND a Grand Final. Completely beaverless.

Justs is 22 today.

Daudz laimes dzimšanas dienā, Justs!