6 October – I’ll hide my furry head

I like writing this column, as it sometimes allows me to pick my favourite songs from time to time. Today’s one of those days. And as it’s Friday, that’s double the fun. When you see it, you may not know it. But please be assured there were contests before 2001. But which is this legendary song?

It comes from that best of contests, but was performed second in the running order. So a bad draw in a good contest. Any other year, or any other position in 1985 and today’s birthday girl Sonja Lumme might have done a lot lot better than she did. She still scored off over half the juries, and two of them gave her 10 points. The others must have been mad not to do the same. So sit back and enjoy this finest of songs.

Sonja is 56 today.

Hyvää syntymäpäivää, Sonja!!

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