7 February – That’s an opportunity for a French course

There are songs out there that tick lots of boxes. A competent stage act, a potential winner, even a bit of false-flagness thrown in for good measure. And maybe an act that has form in the ‘muggle’ music industry.

Today’s birthday girl María Teresa ‘Mayte’ Mateos was one half of the 1970s duo Baccara with the late María Mendiola. They were a Spanish act, that got Luxembourg’s golden ticket for the circus when it went to Paris. They’d won a very multi-national final, beating a Belgian and a Dane among others. They even sang in French, which brings us back to many ticked boxes. Hotly tipped, they scored several maxima at the big show, but still scored less than half what the winning song. It was the song performers after them, which may have counted against them. But it’s still a classic.

Mayte is 71 today.

Feliz cumpleaños, Mayte!