8 March – In my world, I seek to get you back

When Yugoslavia disintegrated many years ago, we were always keen to see as many of its parts entering songs in our favourite TV show. All six of them (that are EBU members) have now, but some are sitting on the sidelines this year. Will we miss them?

One of those is Montenegro, who first took part in their own right in 2007. It took seven years for them to make the Grand Final, and that breakthrough fell to today’s birthday boy Сергеј Ћетковић/Sergej Ćetković. The tallest performer of 2014 came seventh in his semi-final, and managed a 19th spot on the Saturday night. He got a couple of douzes – rightfully deserved, and paved the way for an ever better finish the following year. For that, Montenegro should salute Sergej.

Sergej is 44 today.

Срецан родјендан, Сергеј!