8 September – It’s the one you’ve been waiting for…

You tune into this website every day, just to see who’s birthday it is. Today, 8 September, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. It’s probably fair to say that today’s birthday girl is the undisputed queen of our favourite TV show. Even more so than Rosa-Mina ‘Lys Assia‘ Schärer. Or Susana ‘Jamala‘ Camaladinova. Or even María Dolores ‘Remedios’ Amaya Vega.

Actually, today’s girl debuted three songs before Remedios, and came third. She then won but decided two appearances wasn’t enough and came back. She came fifth. Not a bad result but disappointing when compared to the rest of her work.

It is of course Carola Maria Häggkvist Søgaard. Carola is (only) 50 today.

Grattis på födelsedagen, Carola!

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