9 January – Believing that we can scream

Every now and then, a song comes along that you could call a slow burner. It has no bells and whistles. It has no fancy costumes. It’s an honest song sung, well, honestly. It does well, but maybe could have done better.

Today we go back to 1988, to a very dark futuristic stage. Our friends in Luxembourg sent a Belgian-Canadian singer Lara Fabian (née Lara Sophie Katy Crokaert), who was just starting out – a rising star as Viktor Lazslo would say. She was up against a certain Ms Dion, which was always going to be a tall order. She did, however, managed a creditable fourth place. It was the Grand Duchy’s last top five finish, and this contest represented one of the last high points (to date) for the French language. Finland, Ireland and Switzerland gave her their tops. But even though Lara ‘only’ finished fourth, she’s since become a massive star. So who needs Eurovision anyway?

Lara is 50 today.

Bonne anniversaire/Alles Guddes fir däi Gebuertsdag, Lara!