9 March – Like a burning fever, like a piece of happiness

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How would feel about taking part in a Eurovision Song Contest a second time, after having finished third previously? Hopeful that you can go two places further? Curious that someone’s talked you into giving it another go? Or just happy to be there again? Well how would you feel about taking part a third time, knowing you’ve finished third in both your previous attempts, under two different voting systems?

Pensive? Hopeful? Even more curious that someone’s talked you into it again? So how would you feel if, in your third attempt, you finished second?

This path of nearly-ness befell today’s birthday girl Karin Witkiewicz, later known as Katja Ebstein. So close to winning the contest on three occasions, yet so far. Still, she knows how to sing a good tune, even if it was written by Messrs Siegel & Meinunger.

Katja is 72 today.

Frohe Geburtstag, Katja!

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6 years ago

I know that Siegel & Meinunger aren’t very popular these days in Eurovision towers, but not everything they have written is bad or dated. This is one example of an actually a fine piece of song they have once written.

Ebstein performed this as the professional she is, but even she wouldn’t help if the song was bad one.