9 May – The one who cheats and the one who doesn’t know it

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Eurovision loves a trier. You don’t win? No problem, just come right back with another song that could be a killer, maybe for another country. After all, it might not be you Europe is uncomfortable with, it could be the little principality you represent.

Then when your original principality wins, try again for them. After all, it’s not them Europe is uncomfortable with. So you try for a third time, but are against some popular beat combo from Sweden. Nothing can beat them, including you. So at that point you decide to throw in the towel. But fear not, another microstate in the Italian mountains might only be one year away from picking you. I’m talking about Brittany-born Romuald Figuier. Here he is in the same contest as said popular beat combo from somewhere in northern Europe.

Romuald is 86 today.

Bonne anniversaire, Romuald!

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