9 October – I hear the rag dolls laughing

It’s a blast from the past today. In fact, it’s from over 50 years ago. Can you imagine that? Fifty years? That’s half the age of a certain Swede (1983, 1991 and 2006) I’m sure. But I do fib, which you knew already. This song is that old, it’s in black & white. And it’s a winner.

Today’s birthday girl Isabelle Geneviève Marie Anne ‘France’ Gall is the god-daughter of Serge Gainsbourg, who also wrote this little ditty about dolls. What were her parents thinking, trusting their daughter’s spiritual development to some as bohemian as Mr G? Yep, him of the groaning fame with his then other half Jane Birkin. The thing is, he did know how to write a darn good tune. Like this one.

France is 70 today.

Bonne anniversaire/Guddes gebuertsdag, France!