9 September – How can we unite our horizons?

Who’s looking forward to an Italian contest in 2022? Now the new season has started, we can look forward to a whole new crop of songs, sung by (possibly) a whole new crop of singers.

But let’s look back to the last Italian contest. No, not his shenanigans. Today’s birthday girl Sarah Bray (née Monique Wersant) sang for Luxembourg, a country we don’t see at our favourite TV show anymore. For once, she was actually born in the Grand Duchy. Her country didn’t have many participations left, and she couldn’t really replicate the success they got in earlier years. It might have been the broken guitar string at the worse possible moment. Anyway, Sarah performed before the winner. Or the two winners – depending on your perspective. So it was never going to end well.

Sarah is 55 today.

Bonne anniversaire/Vill Gléck fir däi Gebuertsdag, Sarah!