7 September – Delicious ice cream, from, erm, Белару́сь

Still no news on a venue on next year’s contest. Maybe it’ll be in Жито́мир/Zhytomyr after all. I’d like to hear some of our national commentators try and pronounce that. Wherever it is, one country that won’t need to travel very far is Belarus. I love Belarus. Their songs have had mixed success and some of them have been notable for various non-singing reasons. I’m looking at you Angelica. Today’s birthday girl Алена Ланская/Alyona Lanskaya made a name for herself. Not only by getting into the final, but her prop. After all, who can say know to a giant glitter ball. Throughly memorable – maybe more memorable than her song about a Hertbrand product. What do you think? Alyona is 31 today.

З Днём Нараджэння, Алена!

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