ESC birthdays 28 April – Is it time to GO to Stockholm yet?

Scott Fitzgerald

It’s nearly time to head to some place in Sweden where a bunch of people gather together to pick which three minutes of song they like best. Is it ballad? Is it disco? Is it experimental? Or is it not about the song, but about a videowall and sparkly frock? You decide. Back in the distant 1980s, there was not a videowall to speak of, and the frocks hadn’t quite developed into what they are today. You could wear what you wanted, within reason. Even a casual suit. And you didn’t need a bulging pair of pecs or look like you’d been modelling some designer label the day before you went on stage. It was all about the song. Hurrah! And that brings me to this tour de force in the world of ballad. A song that almost won, were it not for a Canadian dressed like a shuttlecock. This ballad was performed by Scott Fitzgerald, born William McPhail. Scott is 68 today.

Happy birthday, Scott!