13 May – How do you present a contest?

Lill Lindfors

Tomorrow night some festival of music is being hosted in some city in Scandinavia. Are you excited? You should be. The broadcaster has put on some excellent shows in the past, with unlimited guitars, painting, and dresses onto which colours were projected.

And for the second time, this Scandinavian country has picked a previous performer to (co-)host.

The last time, Lill Lindfors was given the presenting gig in 1985 after she’d sung in 1966. It’s been scientifically proven that 1985 was the best contest evah. So in tribute to that, here is Lill with her bit of singing. She starts at about 3.20 in the video below. Lill is 76 today.

Grattis på födelsedagen, Lill!