Tuesday, May 24, 2022
Countdown 2018

Countdown 2018

OnEurope gives its opinion on the 42 songs competing in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.

Uk at Eurovision

Monty’s Eurovision Countdown Part 43 – UNITED KINGDOM

Storm by SuRie Well done, you’ve made it with me to the end of my Countdown. It can feel like a marathon with 43 entries...

Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 42 – Switzerland

The Swiss have been consistently performing under-par with their songs of late and they have been suffering from the 'UK Disease' of not getting...
Lil Benji

Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 41 – Sweden

And so, dear friends, we are now at the third last song in this mammoth piece of writing! - Sadly, though, it's that camp...

Mo’s Eurovision Countdown 2018 – United Kingdom

I've saved my (current) home entry for last. I've struggled to understand why it's received almost universal panning on the fan boards. SuRie is an...
Too sweet

Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 40 – Spain

Right - where do I start with this? Let's lay my cards on the table here ... I don't like this song ... at all....
Ukraine at Eurovision

Monty’s Eurovision Countdown Part 42 – UKRAINE

Under The Ladder by Mélovin “The project MELOVIN started in Odesa in 2012. The name comes from a combination of the holiday Halloween and the...

Monty’s Eurovision Countdown Part 41 – SWITZERLAND

Stones by Zibbz After winning the first Contest in 1956, it’s fair to say the Swiss have struggled at Eurovision. They’ve finished last on 9...

Monty’s Eurovision Countdown Part 40 – SWEDEN

Dance You Off by Benjamin Ingrosso Benjamin’s got these really lovely hairy forearms. No, wait, I’m not suddenly going all twinktastic, but I feel I...
Lea Sirk

Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 39 – Slovenia

Slovenia have a great track record in this contest and EMA can be, in my opinion, one of the best song selections in all...

Mo’s Eurovision Countdown 2018 – Germany

It's easy to do the Ed Sheeran comparisons, and indeed Master Ed's song could easily pass as a lesser cut from the latter-day housewife's...

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