Sunday, May 9, 2021


Live from the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, it’s OnEurope

Surie on stage

Eurovision SuRie’s stage stormed

SuRie won widespread praise tonight when her Eurovision performance was interupted by a stage invader. Midway through the song, someone rushed on stage, grabbed the...
Vanja Radovanović

Eurovision singer slated for cancer ‘joke’

Vanja Radovanović almost didn't get to perform in last night's Eurovision semi-final. Six members of the broadcasting council at Montenegrin RTCG called for him...
Mango TV censorship

EBU terminates Chinese Eurovision contract

The EBU have taken immediate action following widespread condemnation of Chinese censorship when broadcasting the first Eurovision semi-final. Mango TV - one of China's most...
DoReDos for Moldova

The country that breaks ‘Eurovision Rules’

Rybak may claim to know the secret behind songwriting. Musicologists insist success at Eurovision is based on a 16-bar verse and chorus formula. Many...

Five years of Eurovision betting – do votes follow the money?

With Eurovision less than a month away, people have started to put their money where their mouth is and place bets on who win...
Ryan O'Shagnessy

20 times Eurovision has kept it in the family

I’ve heard it said – or rather I used to hear it being said – that the Irish have Eurovision ‘in their blood’ –...

Six Eurovision winners who should have quit while ahead

Only one performer has ever won the Eurovision Song Contest twice. Johnny Logan warbled his way to victory in 1980 and 1987. This year, Norwegian power-violinist Alexander Rybak hopes to...
Eurovision 2018 logo

43 pearls of wisdom from Eurovision 2018

It's all about the message behind the glitter and the lights. Or so they say. Let's take a minute to see what 43 acts...