Thursday, February 25, 2021
Live 2019

Live 2019

All the latest live from tel Aviv as the OnEurope crew watch rehearsals, sneak into parties and generally lig it through the city.


Gallery: Eurovision Orange Carpet 2019

Who wore what and who wore it better? A selection of shots from the orange carpet welcome parade that - as we say in...

Watch the Orange Carpet ceremony … again

[youtube] Someone at EBU Towers must have one day wondered, what could be done to make Eurovision even more popular with the gays? In...

From our Domestic Correspondent

Hello from home. I’m having serious FOMO this year as I look at all the sun-kissed beach photos and the impressive EuroClub, usually my...
Bilal picks his position

Big five pick their positions

Following the rehearsals today, each of the Big 5 acts (France, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom and Germany) drew lots to decide which half of...
Hatari at Euroclub

Gallery: Euroclub Nordic Party at Eurovision 2019

We've scoured the internet in search of photos from last night's Euroclub Nordic Party to get you in the mood for this afternoon's orange...
S!sters on stage again!

Germany – Sometimes there are no words

And the ones that caused such merriment among meme makers have vanished from the backdrop - as well as the faux sister photos. This remains...
Michael Rice is back on the rehearsal stage for the UK

UK – Nothing there to get excited about

For my life, the UK can't stage anything when it comes to Eurovision. Yes, Michael was discovered through a casting show, but why did it...
Mahmood at Eurovision 2019

Italy – Are we going to see an angry man?

Mahmood appeared to be angry on stage - and he didn't care who knew it. As this performance went on, you saw it in...
Spain's second rehearsal is bursting with joy

Spain – they’ve ballsed this right up

And the problems don't lie with Miki. He sang 'La venda' to its fullest potential (although, I still think it's two choruses too long)....
'Roi' has returned for France

France – A message to your heart

I think I need to split this song and its staging into constituent parts. Firstly, as a song, I love 'Roi'. It's complex and deep...

Live from Expo