Eurovision shits for 25 years
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Tuesday, April 16, 2024
OnEurope - Talking the shits about Eurovision for 25 years

Do you really want to go there?

We’ve got a very simple mantra – “We’ll call your favourite entry shite if we think it is, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t love it to bits.” And that’s basically the OnEurope way … we’ll tell you what we think, then let you make your own mind up. We won’t always agree, but then again, have you ever met two Eurovision Fans that agree?

All the things that we write are copyrighted to us, OnEurope, in perpetuity. Video or audio stuff is copyright of the broadcaster or singer of the song or broadcaster as appropriate.

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It all started back in the dark days of 1999 with a very simple site (some harsh people say it never got any more complex, bar stewards!) and has grew into the behemoth that you see before you!

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