Golden Fork - Poland - For not being worth 80/1 to win the contest and for his cracking performance.

Silver Fork For outstanding Achievement - Russia. For turning up, and then being so sickly nice at their press conference ... cos they were told to be.

Bully's Special Prizes - Olexsander's Contortionist ... just for being here. United Kingdom - For not being completely crap twice in a row.

The Mickey Joe Harte award for losing their way in their own song - Estonia - For NOT singing the words to Romania when the SVT Technicians played the wrong tape.

And finally, the coveted TATU award for those that we want to stab with a plastic fork - The Entire NOS organising team, for having the sheer audacity to schedule Esther Hart's party/reception at EXACTLY the same time as rehearsals that WE wanted to see ... How DARE they and as such DESERVE to be stabbed vigorously with a plastic fork! Do they not know who we are??!!

Congratulations to all the winners (!!)