I’m in a very peculiar mood right now

I walked out of the Eurovision Song Contest tonight.

I’ll let you absorb that piece of information for a second. Then I’ll say it again, because this really happened. I walked out of the Eurovision Song Contest.

The moment at which I did this was the moment at which Greece gave its 12 to Cyprus. The moment at which I decided to do this was the moment at which the UK gave its 7 to Ireland – the only points Ireland received all night. How can I complain about neighbour voting when my own country is one of the worst culprits?

Now I’ve had a chance to actually simmer down, I’m extremely confused. In the cold light of day… in the cold pitch darkness of 2:30 in the morning 🙂 – I now look at it and realise a couple of things.

1) There are more countries voting now than ever before, and with more countries voting there are more opportunities for neighbour voting to take place.

2) Calling the votes in in ISO order means that a LOT of the habitual offenders wound up in a lump in the first half of the voting.

3) There being so much neighbour voting means that it’s almost certain to cancel out and allow the actual quality songs to come through the field.

4) Which, given that five of my top six finished in the top seven (and I’ve already heard that my winner just didn’t come across on TV at all), does actually seem to have happened.

I think… that I may have been in a darkened room in Istanbul for slightly too long. It’s addled my brains, clearly!

Bah, and I was really looking forward to going off on a good rant there, and there isn’t one. Bastardos! :o)