Semi Finalists!

Well… That was…..interesting, I think the phrase is…..

Looking back at the OnEurope predictions – we see that 6 out of the 10 came right (hoorah) – the 4 that were missed, I think, were missed by everyone. Am extremely happy that Belarus got nowhere. Europe are a strange lot at times, as the readers of this web blog will testify, but they are not stupid. They could see exactly what Angelica ‘avinabash was all about. A woman camping up a poor song with no voice. That’s the biggest waste of €1,000,000 on promotion I have ever seen!!

Denmark, Macedonia ( FYR or not, dependent on your views) and Croatia were mystifying enough. None of them had been given a prayer by any of the assembled brains trust of journalists around here for the last week. We suspect that Croatia and FYR Macedonia may have been the only victims, this time round, of the “appealing to the Local market – and getting a few extras” idiom, but as Denmark has no friends – that one is a total shock!
That leads me onto Latvia. How on earth did this get through. You looked into their eyes and thought “ahhhh” didn’t you!!! – silly peoples of Europe.

Still, it tees up a cracking final – which, I am sure, Nick will provide a rundown of…

Today’s schedule…well…. not a lot really…. two rehearsals of the Eurovision at 3pm and 9pm local time…. and that’s it really!!