It’s Time To Party


There was a veritable feast of partyness going down last evening, and we did our danged best to visit at least a few of them. As usual the Nordic Viking party was by special invite only, but by all accounts it was a smashing affair – although disappointing in that The Ark didn’t play, despite the promise of such. Well boo to them!

But in far better news, the Kabat show down Henry’s Pub was a marvel. No messing about or filly-faddling, they just set up in a corner and played honest, good old fashioned balls out rocking metal. The handful of Czech who were there couldn’t believe their luck to be seeing their stadium idols for free down their local boozer, and the atmosphere was magical. Many the old EuroHack could be seen nodding their heads in approval to the gnarly nonsense. We approve heartily. Can we have one of these in the contest every year?

Then it was the Big 4 do. Usually a bit of a riot, this one seemed a little lack lustre this time round. It was in Euroclub – a fine enough venue – and all the faces were there… it just seemed like it was a bit of a nervous necessity by some of the act, rather than the fun time party blather it should have been. The ones that did work fine acoustically, however, were quite surprisingly Andorra and Cyprus (Evridiki and yet another stunning frock. The grubby hets among us are starting to fall for her charms …) It was OK, but we were peckish and had somewhere else to be, so shuffled off for a bit.

Next door at the Virgin Oil Co Teapacks were due to do a proper gig, with real instruments, like. But of course we forgot about the regulation speeches, introductions and on stage pallys that always preface such an event. And it didn’t help that we were ‘treated’ to one of the most cringe-worthy rap acts I’ve seen in a long chalk as support. But when they did finally get going, Teapacks ruled! You can tell they must be a huge act back home got cos the Israeli half of the crowd were mouthing all the words, and we guys were just going bonkers bouncing about. You could also tell by the extreme confidence of the boys on stage. Kobi Oz held the attentive throng in the palm of his diminutive hand, and we were lapping it up. Can we have another one of these, too Mr EBU?

When all was done I shuffled down the stairs, and had the Israeli ambassador’s wife turn to me and ask, “Did you enjoy Teapacks?” I gave her as one can muster after such an exhilarating view, before she proclaimed “But of course, it won’t win!”

Still in the party mood, it was back to EuroClub, to see the fun still going on, and a huge Bosnian contingent belting out the party hits! The crowd was thinning and so was my awake-ness, so I wobbled off into the night in search of bed.

Not a bad evening all in all.