I will post a couple of things today …

Sour Grapes

The first being this taken directly from the mailing list that I am a member of, with thanks to Liam Jarnecki.

Mr Kennedy O’Connor and Mr Gambaccini have just pointed out (On Radio 4’s today programme)

  1. Dima is a megastar with three MTV awards
  2. He always gives good value- eg the piano girl, the Stradi, the Ice skater etc
  3. Andy couldn’t even win X factor
  4. Wogan chose Andy personally against a public vote and so had a personal credibility thing going on
  5. The cost of the UK’s contribution if we pulled out would pay for about ten minutes of Dr Who
  6. Maybe we should pull out of Wimbledon because we don’t win that either
  7. It’s all sour grapes

Well done lads – Let them do the commentary maybe!

I think Wogan really set this all up. He misrepresented Dima to the British viewers, didn’t give the audience the right context or background e.g. telling us what the bookies saw coming.

His phrase “Words gone out, it’s Russia’s turn this year” was unnecessary, unsubstantiated and a clear suggestion that there is a controllable block vote as opposed to the reality which which is millions of people making their own minds up.