Less clue than when we started


It appears at this thing that the more you know, the less you actually understand. And the more you’re convinced one thing is going to happen, another pops round and bites you on the nib-lets.

So we all know that Russia have bought the contest. But also that Azerbaijan have bought it more. But then again, Croatia are bound to nip in from behind, but Ukraine are certain to win the thing now they’ve got that cracking draw. But forget all that, there’s a strong wind in Portugal’s sails, and it’s not looking like it’s going to founder on the rocks. And of course, Lithuania is going to qualify easily… ahem…

Having just viewed the first full final rehearsal, a few things have become clear…

That basketball player is flippin’ huge

The interval act band is flippin’ ace (Although the show’s a bit static after last year’s)

France need to do some work on their camera angles if they are going to get any flippin’ points

And I have absolutely no idea who’s going to win this flippin’ thing!

Oh, and in other news, two of the lovely Anonymous from Andorra just walked in, completely at random. they’re here for the holiday – it seems that once you’re bitten by the Eurovision bug you just can’t escape. They just gave me a disc with some of their new stuff on too. Smashing lads!