Press gang

It’s less than three hours to the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest and we are in the Press Centre before moving onto the main thingummy – you remember that – the competition you fell in love with.

Apparently, so we hear, the BBC and Sky news are trying to do a stitch up job on the contest by claiming that it’s all Eastern Europe blah, blah, blah and that the UK will do badly because of this blah blah blah! It’s really quite disappointing to be reading excuses before the first notes are sung! Talk about bracing for defeat. Sometimes, I hate the UK press!

Indulge me, dear reader, while I state the obvious …

  1. Andy Abraham will do badly because the UK don’t know what song to enter in this contest.
  2. If it really is so much of an ‘Eastern European Stitch-up’, then why have Russia thus far avoided victory?
  3. Last time I looked, it didn’t matter about west and east because the last few winners had support from across the continent
  4. Has no one told anyone that the ‘Old Eurovision‘ nations outnumber the ‘New Eurovision’ ones? – by thirteen to twelve this year.

There endeth the rant!

Now back in the real world I expect one helluva contest tonight. Enjoy it, I know I will 😉