Eurovision 2009: UK jurors announced

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Someone was asking below, and it’s now up on the BBC Eurovision pages.

They are:

Deborah Chapman (a “music expert and author”, possibly the writer of Play Guitar with Chuck Berry)
Paul Edwards (dean of the Royal College of Music)
David Larkin
Anne Mannion (a stage actress… I’m turning nothing up, though)
Chris Stewart (the former drummer and a founding member of Genesis)

I’ll now endeavour to find out who the flip any of these people actually are…! …and fail miserably. I haven’t a clue. Google brings up a London actress called Deborah Chapman who also does voiceover work, an ex-boxer called David Larkin, an actress called Anne Mannion who hasn’t appeared in anything since the mid-1980s, and more Paul Edwardses than I know what to do with.

I think we must have gone down the piano teacher and/or HMV shelf-stacker route! 🙂