Since I’ve been gone …

There was an hour for lunch – where we caught up with everything that had happened. Then, the rest of OnEurope’s hangers-on decided that it was a good idea that it was a good idea to go for lunch in the press conference cafe – but no Belarus at this point.

We are, however, seated for Sweden – and she seems to be having muzak problems – and thankfully she has decided not to sing in the cake dress! ( hurrah)

So – she then decides to get through he entire song at her 3rd attempt. The background is still white with some sort of structures but, be careful of the eyes – I cant look her in the eyes and I am convinced she is cross eyed you know….

Back to the song, as opposed to the singer…. Something tells me this has “SELMA” written all the way through it – it’ll be touted as a qualifier, but it is going to be unlikely to be honest. I suspect Europe won’t get it….