We’re here in air-conditioned luxury


Well we is in the Press Centre – hoorah … It took us several hours in the baking Moskva sun and repeatedly saying the word “press” to people to allow us in – but it was very smooth when we got in. Press bags will be here tomorrow (hopefully a real tomorrow). But, overall … we’re happy … ish!

The apartment (thanks for asking) is far far better than the pictures suggested with lots of space. We’ve got a view of the White House and a Satellite TV which has foreign shite on it – for example, a bizarre Polish film that I couldn’t even start to explain.

The ‘Moo Moo Restaurant’ serves very nice soup and rolls for next to nothing. Cigarettes – for those that smoke – cost pennies, as does butter … and virtually everything else,

Contrary to what we were told, money is not going to be a problem this week!

Be prepared for that queue in the Press Centre, though.