We do it for you – dear reader


You may be wondering why we have been a little quiet of late on this blog, considering we are here and all, but we have been having a little bit of down time since SF2.

Yesterday was press dress rehearsal day and, like the real press (!) that are here, we trouped into the hall at 2.30 to see the songs and the show, and very good it was too.

But its the songs that you lot are interested in isn’t it? So in a traditional OnEurope stylee here’s a hit, miss or maybe list based on the dress rehearsal.

Cyprus. It’s a good song, sung well. That’s all you need…isn’t it?
Greece – scared it might win now.
France – This is not coming last.
Germany – I love this song.
Turkey – It’s just ace – alright?!

Azerbaijan – Not to the winning. It looks silly.
Ireland – Missing notes are a bad thing.
Spain – Just doesn’t cut it for me.
Denmark – Although I fear it may well win.
Moldova – Looks fab, but 12pts may be all it gets

But what, dear reader, do YOU think – yes you!!! – YOU, susan, YOU!