You’ve seen the future!


Thanks to all who voted – and you lot are usually quite good at this stuff.

Let’s start with tonight’s red lantern; Moldova, Bosnia, Azerbaijan (possibly not entirely seriously), Cyprus, Portugal and Spain each got one mention. Two of you, however, are expecting to see Jessy Matador at the bottom of the pile. And finally… THE UNITED KINGDOM, 12 POINTS!!!!

Hmmm. That might be the only time that phrase gets mentioned tonight. 🙂

For the winner, I’ve gone all early 60s stylee. Your winning song gets 3 points, your first runner-up gets 2, and your second runner up just 1 point. And the final scores are:

Ukraine, Russia, Spain: 1 point.
Belarus: 2 points.
United Kingdom, Cyprus: 3 points.
Greece: 4 points.
Germany: 5 points.
Georgia, Romania: 6 points.
Israel: 9 points.
Denmark: 11 points.
Azerbaijan: 12 points.
Turkey: 15 points.
Belgium: 20 points.

And your winner, with 21 points, is…

ARMENIA. Huzzah!

Right kids, let’s see how it pans out over the next 195 minutes or so. I don’t know about you, but I’m watching TV!