OnEurope smells a rat!

So there’s a huge gamble going on about Ireland and Jedward at the moment, and it would appear to our untrained eye that it’s NOT a gamble being led by people who intend to win money.

What what what? But that’s just crazy talk! What would possibly make us think that?

Well, you see, as I write (22:50 CET) William Hill (not our bookmaker of first resort, but a fine and upstanding one nevertheless) appears to be offering odds of 5.0 (4/1 if you’re British) to win the semi-final, and 4.5 (7/2 if you’re British) to win the final.

No, hang on, let me read that again. That can’t be right.

*reads that again*

OK, that does seem to be the case – the betting public of the world has convinced Mr W. Hill Esq. that Ireland are MORE LIKELY to win the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday night – the one which they haven’t qualified for yet, with draw slots 2 and 3 still available and a Blue and an Amaury Vassilli in it – than they are to win the Eurovision Song Contest Second Semi-Final on Thursday night – that’s the one where they’re performing last and their competition includes frankly nothing very exciting.

The people of OnEurope say NON!!!!