The Paxo effect

Blimey!!!!  I can’t really believe what I’ve just seen.  It just goes to show that you can watch this contest and every year it continues to surprise.  The resistance was sat among their comrades, safe in the knowledge it wasn’t in action tonight.  So my views on tonight:

Russia – no surprise there.
Greece – the same.
Serbia – woo-hoo!
Switzerland – about time.
Lithuania – [pulls stunned face].
Iceland – very pleased.  That little wager is still good.
Azerbaijan – was expected.
Finland – bound to, given how well he sang tonight.
Hungary – she can obviously rise to the occasion when necessary.
Georgia – good to see rock has a place in the contest.

No doubt I’ll have more thoughts when I’ve slept on it and we’ve seen the draw.

Sleep well, and let’s be careful out there.