Euphoric – but also ill…


Hello all, just a very quick post to comment on last night’s result. I’m thrilled for Sweden and Loreen which was my favourite all along, though a bit surprised it was quite such a runaway winner, almost equaling Alexander Bareback’s record total (perhaps ironically as Norway themselves came last). A very disappointing result for the UK, but all accounts are that he fluffed the jury final on Friday which was where his votes were coming from really. The draw in the final killed the televoting chances. Our very lovely friend Liam Jarnecki has pointed out that over the past 4 Contests 39 different countries have awarded the UK points, so that somewhat disproves the simplistic allegation that Europe just doesn’t like the UK. Oh well. We chatted to the BBC Head Of Delegation afterwards who was philosophical and agreed with us that it would be good for the BBC bosses who are the ones who actually make these decisions to have a rethink – Sweden’s success with both this and Melodifestivalen has been the result of somebody with good knowledge and vision taking the helm, whatever you may think of the merits of the show’s content. Being the biggest show in Swedish TV can’t be a wrong approach.

Kurt from Malta was one of the last to leave the after-show party having danced his pants off. We chatted for quite a while before he left. He was disappointed to have done so poorly, but we tried to boost his spirits by pointing out he’d beaten two global superstars in the UK and France. Ott from Estonia was being mobbed for photos, and enjoying his first booze-flavoured drink for two months. And I got one last look at that Romanian boy, but my hands were still not quite on his squeezebox. You’ll be pleased to know we stayed until the bitterest of bitter ends being thrown out of the party with the dregs at 9am, just so we could bring you any late gossip. You know it’s a late night and you’ve overcooked it when even all the Finns have left before you…

I’m going to be quiet from now on, as my traditional Eurovision raspy throat has proved to be a bit if a stinker of a cold so what with the late nights and all that double-ended action (I’m talking about candle burning you realise) I am feeling particularly under the weather today. I will do a final round up before the season ends though. Hope you’ve all enjoyed seeing it through our eyes and I’ll blog for you soon. Oh, and you may have seen us on BBC Breakfast today: I haven’t a clue what I said so I hope it was coherent!



  1. You shameless ‘carry-on’ scriptwriter you: “all that double-ended action” indeed. And nice to know we Brits are still tops in Europe at something: getting hammered and outstaying our welcome!

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