Just another quiet night then?

Let’s just pop into the euroclub for a couple they said and see how we feel…

Yeah right…  Well it would have been silly to turn down the free booze and buffet wouldn’t it?  The beers were flying out of that bar and nice and cold they were too.  An assorted buffet of nibbles, hard to determine what you were eating, not much cheese and a fair few fishy ones….But nice nonetheless after the late show and the traffic hell getting out of Crystal Carrington Hall..

We finally ended up getting back at 7am slightly worse for wear, we keep telling you this is a hard working holiday but no one listens..

I was loaned a Jedward outfit for an hour on the dance floor and together with Elaine of the other parish we worked the room giving photo opportunities to the many Azeri volunteers and eurovision d-listers. I have to say I made more than I needed to of this minor celebrity moment and now have a taste of what it must be like to be a eurovision, ahem, celebrity!  Highlight was when we pounced on Jonsi from Iceland and he was convulsed with laughter at our outfits and we congratulated him on joining us in Saturday’s final….priceless!  He cuts a fine figure on the dancefloor too and has some greta moves (not a typo..)

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12 years ago

So do we get to see a snap of you and Elaine in your Jedward finery?

Rosé West
12 years ago

Photos to follow, just uploading now….