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Morning! If this was an audio blog you would learn that I am croaking that with a rasp the size of Poland. Whilst others of this parish were writing and recording their thoughts Mr West and I were sampling the delights of firstly the excellent OGAE party that had been brought to our doorstep and which poured vodkas the size of Russia and subsequently the nightclub that dare not speak its name until stupid o’clock this morning . I shall be resting my larynx and be on playback for the rest of the week. I’m going to see if I can revive it with a medicinal cocktail at the swanky revolving bar in the Hilton Baku after I’ve picked up my ticket for the show. We’re anticipating security to be exceptionally tight tonight but hoping to be able to make it to the press centre to update before the show. But if not we’ll see you on the other side! FAB EUROVISION to you all, and thanks for being with us.

Monty x